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Should I Get a Hot Tub For My Airbnb? What to Consider

Discover the ultimate secret to skyrocketing your Airbnb bookings! Come with us as we answer the question, should you get a hot tub for your Airbnb?

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If you own an Airbnb, the question should I get a hot tub? has more than likely crossed your mind. A hot tub offers relaxation and enjoyment, serving as a unique selling point that can attract more bookings. Discover the benefits and important considerations before adding one of our NZ hot tubs to your Airbnb.

Benefits of a Hot Tub for Your Airbnb

Stand out in a Crowded Market

With the ever-growing popularity of Airbnb, hosts are constantly seeking ways to standout in a crowded market. A hot tub is one of those "little extras" that make your place more appealing than someone else's. Many travelers seek accommodation with additional amenities and unique features, and a hot tub fits the bill perfectly. It adds a touch of luxury and indulgence, creating a desirable experience that sets your listing apart from others.

Positive Reviews and Repeat Guests

Positive reviews are the lifeblood of any Airbnb, and a hot tub is sure to win you some brownie points in the eyes of your guests. Reviews play a vital role in the success of your Airbnb business, as they build credibility and trust among potential guests. A hot tub adds that extra wow factor, leaving guests impressed and eager to share their positive experiences with others.

Often, happy guests become repeat guests! A hot tub for your Airbnb will make guests happier and more likely to choose your accommodation the next time they're in town.

Take Advantage of At-Home Socialising Trends

While covid is firmly in the rearview mirror, old habits die hard and socialising at home has continued to grow. You can ride this emerging wave by investing in a hot tub for your Airbnb. Hot tubs provide the perfect platform for socialising while relaxing in the warm, bubbly water. Home entertainment is crucial for Airbnb hosts as travelers who rent out these types of accommodations often do so because they want to be able to stay in instead of going out. So, make their at-home experience the best possible by installing a hot tub.

Considerations Before Adding a Hot Tub

Before diving into hot tub ownership, there are a few factors you should consider first to determine whether you should get a hot tub for your Airbnb:

·       Space availability and suitability: Your place must have enough room and set up to fit a hot tub.

·       Initial investment and ongoing maintenance expenses: Hot tubs come with some upfront costs and ongoing expenses for maintenance, repairs, and keeping the water in top shape.

·       Health and safety regulations: Look at the local rules and regulations regarding hot tub installations and ensure you follow your area's safety guidelines.

While we love our hot tubs, we want them to go to suitable homes, and unfortunately, not every home will suit one. Consider what we have outlined above to determine whether your place is right for a hot tub.

Steps to Successfully Install a Hot Tub in Your Airbnb

Pick the Perfect Hot Tub Model

Think about things like size, features, energy efficiency, and warranty. Check out what other customers say in their reviews and compare different models to find the one that suits your Airbnb best. We suggest matching the size of your tub to the number of rooms in your place.

Find the Right Spot to Install Your Hot Tub

Pick a place that gives guests privacy, is convenient to reach, and adds to their overall experience. Think about things like how easy it is to get to, how close it is to amenities, and what kind of views it offers.

Keep Things Clean and Well-Maintained

Set up a maintenance schedule so you remember to test the water, clean the hot tub, and change the filters regularly. Ensure to give guests clear instructions on keeping things tidy during their stay.

Lay Down the Ground Rules for Hot Tub Usage

Put together a set of guidelines and instructions for guests to follow when using the hot tub. Cover essential things like safety precautions, noise levels, and general etiquette to make sure everyone has a great time.

Upgrade Your Listing with Spa Family

Should you get a hot tub for your Airbnb? If your property allows it, then yes! Hot tubs can add that extra wow factor to stand out, but only if it's practical for your space.

Whether you're looking into a large 6-person spa or one of our smaller options, contact our team today, and we'll be more than happy to dive into the nitty gritty of spa pools with you.

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Should I Get a Hot Tub For My Airbnb? What to Consider

Discover the ultimate secret to skyrocketing your Airbnb bookings! Come with us as we answer the question, should you get a hot tub for your Airbnb?
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