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Premium Spa Pool Parts

The Spa Family prides itself on being your one-stop shop for all your spa pool needs. We stock a variety of spa pool parts to ensure you have all the bells and whistles needed to slip into a touch of luxury at the end of the day. Browse our range below.

Our Spa Pool Parts Perform Relaxation Magic

Skimmer Weir Doors

Skimmer weir doors are an essential spa pool part that ensures your filter system works properly. Weir doors create a slight water fall effect, drawing the surface water into the skimmer faster, meaning you skim more leaves and improve circulation. These doors tend to fall off after years of use, which may not seem like a big deal, but without one, your filter system may suffer. If you notice your skimmer weir door is missing, get it replaced right away with the Spa Family.

Spa Pool Filters

The silent but powerful workhorse of your spa pool, filters help ensure a long and healthy life for your spa. Filters work in the background, trapping particles as water flows through them, acting as the most critical defense against dirty water. To ensure your spa remains the peaceful treat it was when you first bought it, replace your filters regularly.

Spa Pool Bromine

Like chlorine, bromine kills bacteria in your spa, ensuring you’re not paddling with unwanted microscopic guests. Many people opt for bromine over chlorine in their spas as it is more stable in warm water and remains active within the water for longer periods. The Spa Family's bromine dispenser keeps your spa free of any creepy crawlies.

Jet Covers

No spa is complete without a set of relaxing jets. Jet covers ensure you get the right pressure in the right spot but can fall off over time. If you need jet covers for your spa, contact the team, and we'll help you find the right one.

Your One-Stop Spa Pool Shop

Take a load off and relax in your spa. For all your spa pool part needs, contact The Spa Family today.