The Spa Family Warranty

Conceived by your classic Kiwi family and refined by spa enthusiasts, our spas are built to last. If something breaks, we’ll put it right. No waffling around, no excuses and no problems.

The Spa Family Ltd extends this warranty solely to the original consumer purchaser (“you”) of any Spa Family products © and installed for residential use only. Please read this entire warranty as exclusions and conditions apply.


The Spa Family guarantees the spa pool shell from five years from purchase date against failure in service due to faulty product or materials provided that usage and any spa pool upkeep has been according to our recommendations.


The Spa Family provides a two year plumbing warranty against water loss due to workmanship fault or product material from purchase date. The plumbing warranty specifically covers leaks from filters, internal plumbing, glue joints, leaks from wall fit outs, drains, hoses, pipes and any other relevant parts.


The Spa Family provides component warranty for motors, heat pumps and any other pumps, ozone generator, filter cartridge holders, lights, and control valves for two years provided they have been used in accordance with our warranty. Some parts that can be changed without tools.

The Spa Family warrants the heat pumps, filtration cartridge holder, motors and pumps, ozone generator, lights, control valves for a two year period provided they are used under the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty. Some parts, most of which can be changed out without the use of tools, such as fuses, filter cartridges, filter lid, spa pillows, and cover locks are not included in this warranty, but are warranted to be free from fault at the time of delivery.

The wireless remote control is warranted for one year from the original date of the spa purchase. All other factory installed components not mentioned specifically, including, but not limited to the wood frame, diverter valves, LED lighting systems, filter lids, and mechanical components are warranted against malfunction due to fault in craftsmanship or materials for two years from the initial purchase date.

Spa covers and spa accessories are not included in our warranty.

*Excludes UV bulb, which carries a 1 year parts warranty (replacement bulb will be sent free of charge, to be installed by customer, if failure of bulb occurs within a 1 year period).


The Spa Family warrants it’s spa jets and jet fittings against defects in workmanship or materials for two years from the original date of purchase, provided they are used under the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty.

* This warranty will be restricted to replacement parts supply (excluding freight and labour charges) after one year.


The Spa Family warrant it’s spa cabinets against defects in materials and workmanship for a three-year period from date of delivery. This warranty specifically covers the structural integrity of the cabinet. The spa cabinet is warranted to be free from fault in materials and craftsmanship at the time of initial delivery. Weather-beating and surface fading will occur naturally over time and are not considered as faults or defects.


For hard-wired power installations all electrical connections must be completed out by a registered master electrician. This warranty will not be valid where there has been failure to carry out the registered master electrician installation. The Spa Family reserves the right to ask for proof that the spa has been installed by a qualified electrical contractor.


This warranty does not extend to wear and tear or damage resulting from accident, negligence, misuse or inappropriate chemical maintenance of the Spa.

That the pool has been preserved and water in the pool has been chemically treated according to sound and well established methods and harsh chemicals and cleaners have not been used on the pools surface.

The Spa must not be left empty and in direct sunlight as this will result in damage to the spa surface and plastic fittings.

The guarantee shall be invalid if the spa pool is damaged by earth or ground-fill movement, acts of God, acts of aggression, by accident, or by intentional, reckless negligent acts of any person. In no event shall The Spa Family, its agents or employees, be liable for injury to any person for any claim of damage, however arising.

Our spa pools cannot be modified or changed from its original state.
This warranty does not include all commercial installations, ie.: hotels, motels, gyms, sports clubs where larger bather density applications are apparent. Please contact us to confirm which model is best suitable for your environment.

If any such defects appear or occur the Purchaser shall inform The Spa Family or its representative by notice in writing within seven days of such defect. Any such notice is required to set out the exact nature of the defect and the circumstances in which it was noticed. (Email: or call 09 275 2144).


This warranty is the only warranty offered by The Spa Family and excludes any other implied or oral undertakings. Except as described above, this warranty does not cover defects or damage due to normal wear and tear, improper installation, alteration with The Spa Family spa pools prior written consent, accident, acts of God, misuse, abuse, commercial or industrial use, use of an accessory not approved by The Spa Family, failure to follow The Spa Family’s pre-delivery instructions or owner’s manual, or repairs made or attempted by anyone other than an authorised representative of The Spa Family. The Spa Family or it’s agents will not be liable for any incidental or consequential loss or injury. The Spa Family will not be liable for costs associated with but not limited to building alterations, removal costs, delivery costs, or labour costs associated with the replacement of a spa.

WARNING: Do not leave the spa parts wrapped in the protective plastic outside in direct sunlight. This can cause damage to the pool’s acrylic surface. Store the spa away from direct sunlight, preferably in shade, if it is not going to be used or installed immediately.