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Wooden Cedar Hot Tubs

Slip into paradise and transform your backyard into a luxurious oasis with our range of cedar hot tubs. These wooden hot tubs combine an industry-leading acrylic shell with handcrafted cedar wood cladding for a spa that’s equal parts functionality and style. Immerse yourself in warm, bubbling waters and unwind in the comfort of your backyard with our exquisite cedar-clad hot tubs.

Why Wood? The Benefits of Cedar Hot Tubs

Wooden tubs are where spa pooling began, and just like most things these days, what was once old is new again. Retro-look wooden hot tubs are back with a bubbly bang, but these tubs are more than just a pretty face! Discover the benefits of our cedar hot tubs.

Relaxation That’s Built to Last

Our wooden hot tubs provide unique durability benefits thanks to the cedar wood we use. Beyond its high crack and warp resistance levels, cedar handles water better than most other materials. Once wet, our cedar cladding will not shrink to a smaller size as it dries like other materials, which is crucial in a hot tub to preserve seals and prevent any leakages over time.

Striking Good Looks

Cedar hot tubs boast a timeless charm that will look right at home in your backyard. The rich colours and grains of the cedar are stunning and perfect for both traditional and contemporary settings. The wooden cladding will also allow these tubs to blend into backyards or decks seamlessly, creating a cohesive and cosy outdoor area.

A Tub That Sparks the Senses

Soaking in your spa is meant to appeal to all your senses. Entirely plastic spas will often give off an overwhelming artificial aroma of chemicals. Our cedar-clad tubs will do just the opposite. When hot and wet, cedar will exude a pleasant earthy aroma that will make your time in the tub just that little bit more relaxing.

Slip into a cedar tub today

If you're thinking about getting yourself a wooden hot tub, contact the team at Spa Family, and we’ll be able to answer all your questions about these stunning spas.