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Are Hot Tubs Expensive to Maintain?

Are hot tubs expensive to maintain? Learn about the upfront & long-term costs of owning a hot tub & discover tips to maximise your hot tub's running efficiency.

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Are you looking to create a relaxing space at home that is equally great for socialising? If so, a hot tub is a wonderful addition to consider! Imagine sinking into your hot tub after a long day or relaxing in your hot tub while enjoying family time or socialising with friends.

There are endless benefits to having a hot tub! However, if you're considering investing in one, you're also likely wondering, are hot tubs expensive to maintain?

What impacts the up-front price of a spa pool?

From where you purchase your spa to the type of spa you choose and the installation provider, there are various factors that influence the upfront price of a spa pool or hot tub.

While it's no secret that hot tubs and spa pools in New Zealand are more expensive investments, there are endless benefits to having one! Plus, when you buy from the Spa Family, you're buying directly from the manufacturer, meaning you're getting the best price without any retailer markup costs. 

Below, we break down the upfront and ongoing costs of running a spa pool and share some helpful tips for running your hot tub more efficiently!

Size and materials

The size of your spa and the material you choose are two factors that affect the upfront price of a spa or hot tub. For example, materials like cedar are more expensive, while PVC offers a cheaper alternative.


Another factor that impacts the initial price is where you want the spa positioned on your property. You’ll need to consider if you wish to install an in-ground or above-ground spa. An in-ground spa will increase the price as it will require additional landscaping work. Spa pools that sit less than 760 mm tall also require fencing. It’s always important to factor in these installation costs.

Make sure you know if your provider offers installation services, and if so, what costs will be associated with installation. You may have to pay an installation fee or, in some cases, hire a crane to lift your spa into place.

Additional features

The features in your spa typically come with a price. Although two six-seater spa pools are similar, the prices can vary dramatically. The main factor driving the price is the number of jets, high-pressure jets, and spinning jets. Consider how you want to use your spa and look for a model with the appropriate number of jets.


What is the average cost of a spa pool in New Zealand?

There is no set price for a spa pool. However, the standard pricing in New Zealand is anywhere from around $7,000 – $15,000. The best spas in NZ can go beyond $15,000. If you pay installation fees and hire landscapers, you could be looking at an additional $5,000 – $20,000.


What are the ongoing running costs of a spa?

Spa pools are not the power-suckers many believe them to be. The running costs of a spa or hot tub also depend on a couple of variables. However, if you have invested in a well-built model upfront, you will likely see reduced running costs.

Chemicals and cleaning

Chemicals and cleaning are two ongoing costs to be aware of. You must invest in water treatment chemicals to keep your hot tub working its best. These include filter cleaners, sanitisers, oxygen shock, bromine tablets, and more.

Depending on the chemical, these supplies come at varied prices, typically between $20 and $50. However, depending on your hot tub usage, it can be a whole year before your chemicals and cleaning supplies need restocking.

Heating costs

In colder months, your spa loses heat faster and running costs rise. However, the ongoing cost of a spa pool in NZ averages 30 – 40cents a day. Keep in mind that less efficient spa pools could see you paying $3– $5 daily.

If you pay more upfront and invest in a high-quality spa pool, you’re likely to see a return on investment in reduced heating costs. As with most appliances, opt for an energy-efficient model.


Tips for running your spa pool efficiently

If your spa is poorly insulated, it may lose heat faster than it can retain. A well-manufactured and insulated spa pool with a sealed cover requires less power to stay heated. Your cover’s seals should be in good condition to ensure that excess heat isn’t escaping, so you can maintain the temperature with minimal energy cost.

To reduce costs more, consider saving your spa pool use for off-peak hours/seasons to enjoy lower heating costs.

Your electricity provider may offer a free period of electricity each day. This opportunity is perfect for powering up the spa pool and enjoying the warmth.

Additionally, keep on top of your cleaning and maintenance to avoid any minor problems becoming costly repairs down the line. 

Find your dream spa at Spa Family

Are you looking to purchase a well-designed, high-quality spa model? If so, Spa Family is the best place to come! We have relaxing designs to suit every home, whether you’re after a 2- to 4-person spa or a high-capacity 6-person spa pool model.


As a manufacturer who designs and builds spa pools in-house, we can offer you the best spas at the best price. Our affordable range and high-quality manufacturing process mean you can be confident in your investment.


Explore the full range of hot tubs and spa pools online or visit our Auckland showroom today.

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