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5 Health Benefits Of Using a Hot Tub

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of being in a hot tub are? Wonder no more! The experts at Spa Family explore five important hot tub benefits here.

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Having a spa pool is the epitome of having a well-earned break in your backyard. Any time you like, you can relax in luxury and soothe the soul. That’s why our mission here at Spa Family is to make hot tubs in NZ affordable and accessible to families nationwide.

But there are so many more hot tub benefits than simple relaxation! Dig beneath the surface, and you’ll find several reasons the humble spa pool can improve your health, mindset, and life. Explore five of the top health benefits of hot tubs with the team at Spa Family.

What are the benefits of being in a hot tub?

1. Relieve Your Stress

We begin with among the most obvious benefits of owning a relaxation machine: stress relief. After a long, hard day, soaking in your hot tub can draw the stress out of your body. The long-term effects of untreated stress include afflictions like heart disease, high blood pressure, sleep problems, and even strokes.

While hot tubs are by no means the only way to relieve your stress, the combined massage action from the jets and the warm water are very effective at soothing us on even the toughest days.

2. Get Better Sleep

This one goes out to the insomniacs. Another happy side effect of soaking in a hot tub is improved sleep quality. A quality soak can make it much easier to hit the hay and stay down for the full eight hours. While this is just theoretical, there are a couple of studies (another one here) with small sample sizes whose participants experienced markedly better sleep after using hot baths or hot tubs consistently. Not just longer sleep but better, deeper, higher-quality slumber that helped them feel more rested the next day.

With how important sleep is to our function, this is one heck of a benefit!

3. Relax Your Muscles to Relieve Pain

As described in a review by Chowdhury and their peers conducted in 2021, hydrotherapy has long been an accepted method for relieving pain. According to several studies over the years, hydrotherapy boosts the creation of endorphins in the body. In other words, it encourages your body to make painkillers, helping to reduce muscle soreness and even act as a natural pain reliever for other things that may be hurting you.

Headaches, strains, and even labour —when exposed to the warm embrace of water—are shown to inflict reduced pain on those doing the soaking(although please note, we don’t recommend giving birth in a hot tub).

4. Improve Your Heart Health

Among the benefits of owning a hot tub, this one might be the least obvious! According to another study from 2016, ‘passive heat therapy’ may hold the key to lowering blood pressure, improving oxygen uptake in the blood, and loosening stiffened arteries. Over eight weeks of repeatedly enjoying a good soak in hot water, the researchers found that participants showed markers of improved heart health. That’s pretty amazing!

5. Burn Calories While Relaxing

Now, nothing should ever take the place of regular exercise. However, soaking in hot water does cause your body to heat up and sweat, triggering calorie loss for the time that you’re soaking. While this shouldn’t be used as a weight loss tactic, it is an interesting side effect of a relaxing stint in your hot tub.

We’re bringing quality, affordable hot tubs to NZ homes. Join us!

With this host of hot tub health benefits to back you up, and the affordable prices in the Spa Family range, it’s never been an easier choice to invest in a hot tub in NZ. Browse our Classic Range for our more affordable models or take it up a notch with our Legacy range. With factory-direct prices and the best customer service on the market, we can’t wait to make your spa-buying experience with us as relaxing as sinking into your hot tub will be.

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5 Health Benefits Of Using a Hot Tub

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of being in a hot tub are? Wonder no more! The experts at Spa Family explore five important hot tub benefits here.
Read Now