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How Does a Spa Pool Work

Ever wondered how a spa pool works? Discover the key components of a hot tub and how they work together to create your bubbly retreat as relaxing as possible.

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While slipping into a spa pool may feel magical after a hard day, it’s not magic that makes this bubbly retreat work. Various components of a hot tub contribute to its relaxing and therapeutic experience. As a leading NZ spa pool supplier, The Spa Family is an expert in the inner workings of spa pools. Discover how a hot tub works and learn more about its key components below!

Key Hot Tub Components and How they Work

Water Circulation System

The water circulation system is the backbone bone of how a spa pool works. This system consists of a circulation pump, and its sole duty is to draw water from the spa pool and send it through a filter to remove any debris and other impurities. Once the water is filtered, it is heated and sent back into the pool through jets. Your circulation pump is a vital hot tub component, ensuring the water in your spa is always clean and ready for a paddle.  

Heating Systems

If there's anything a spa must be, it's warm! Either electricity, gas, or solar will power a spa heating system. So, how does each spa pool's heating system work?

Electric spa systems use an electric heating element that heats water as it flows through a heat exchanger. Although less prevalent, gas heating systems are known to be more potent and can heat water much faster. These systems use a gas burner to heat water while it flows through a heat exchanger, delivering hot water directly into the spa.

Solar systems are an eco-friendlier version of gas heating and work much the same through a heat exchanger that water flows through. The only difference is these systems draw heat from the sun rather than a gas burner.


The jets are pivotal to how a spa pool works, giving it that iconic bubbly bliss. Jets create a flow of water that pushes through small openings placed around the shell, causing pressure to mount inside the jet. This pressure results in a strong stream of water being released into the tub, massaging swimmers.

Control Panel

The control panel is the brain of the spa pool and dictates how everything in your hot tub works. This central control system is where all spa pool components plug in and where the power from your house is wired to. Sitting inside your spa pool cabinet, this control panel won't need any attention, except from your electrician on the day of installation.

Water Treatment System

Nobody wants to soak in a dirty tub, and your water treatment system will ensure you don't! This system comprises various components such as sanitiser, pH balancer, and algaecide. Your water treatment system will kill off bacteria and algae in the water and regulate a healthy pH level. You must stay on top of water treatment for a clean and cosy spa.

Get a Little Relaxation in Your Life

Understanding the various components of a hot tub makes it easier to know how your spa pool works its magic. Still have questions? Get in touch with the team at Spa Family today, and you can relax in your portable NZ spa before you know it!

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