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How to Clean a Spa Pool – The Ultimate Guide

Start truly enjoying your spa by cleaning it properly. Use our comprehensive guide on how to clean a spa pool to ensure your tub is always pristine.

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No one wants to soak in a spa pool filled with dirty water. In addition to the obvious yuck factor, a dirty spa can cause damage to itself and those using it. To help keep your spa pristine, we have created the ultimate guide on how to clean a spa pool. From using the right chemicals to adjusting the water balance, wehave everything you need to know.


Chemical Care for Cleaning

Test Your Water Regularly

Are you asking yourself, "Why is my spa pool cloudy?" Cloudy spas are likely due to an imbalance in the spa pool chemicals you use to clean it. One of the most fundamental aspects of spa pool cleaning is routine water quality checks; we recommend checking the chemical levels at least once weekly.


To properly test the water, invest in a reliable water testing kit. With these kits, you can obtain accurate readings of various chemical levels, including pH, chlorine, and sanitiser. Balanced water prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and keeps your spa water clear and safe.


Adjust Chemical Balance When Needed

If your routine water checks show an imbalance, you'll need to re-add the correct chemicals to regain that perfect balance. Even slight changes in the pH and alkaline levels can compromise the cleanliness of your water.


For best results when adding chemicals to your spa water, wait at least two hours between adding different chemicals. Mixing them could reduce the effectiveness of the chemicals, leading to inter-chemical reactions that may cause issues for those using the spa.


To keep your spa water clean, you may need to add chemicals like chlorine, bromine, and sodium bicarbonate. However, if you're unsure which chemicals to use and how much to add, it's best to seek advice from professionals at The Spa Family.


Shower Before You Spa

After a hard day, jumping straight into the spa for a relaxing soak may be tempting. But before you hop in, it's worth having a quick shower first. Natural body oils and contaminants can wash off when soaking in your spa and build up over time, damaging the filter and overall water quality. So, a quick rinse beforehand can avoid this entirely and keep your spa cleaner for longer.


Use Absorbent Discs to Remove Oils

Even if you have a shower beforehand, grubby bits and bobs will eventually build up in your spa. Absorbent discs are a great and hassle-free way to combat this lingering residue.


Absorbent discs are made from a specially formulated material that helps absorb unwanted oils and prevent that unsightly scum line that can form around the edges of your spa. Place the disc in your skimmer basket or let it float on the surface and work its magic. Using an absorbent disc, you can lighten the load on your filter and create a cleaner spa.  

Clean Your Filters

Your filtration system is the best defence against a dirty spa. However, your filter does need a helping hand now and then to get the job done. We recommend rinsing your filters weekly to minimise the build-up of oils and residue that can lower their effectiveness. Soak your filters overnight in a filter-cleaning solution before rinsing them off for the best results.


While regular cleaning will increase your filter's life span and performance, eventually, it will need replacing. The general rule is to replace your filter every 18 months. Doing so will ensure your spa stays clean and pristine.


Drain and Refill the Water

You should drain and refill your spa water every few months. Over time, impurities and chemicals can build up, affecting the water quality. Draining the spa allows you to start fresh with clean water, ensuring a hygienic spa experience.


Before draining the water from your spa, use a pipe degreaser to flush out any oils and greases that may have accumulated in the pipes. Doing so will help keep your spa water safe and clean and reduce the need for additional chemicals.


Enjoy a Clean and Pristine Spa

Start truly enjoying your NZ spa pool by staying on top of your cleaning duties with the help of our guide on how to clean a spa pool. If you are looking to upgrade your spa, shop our range online. We also have a great selection of accessories to help boost your spa experience. For any questions regarding spa pool care, don’t hesitate to contact the Spa Family team.

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