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Indoor vs Outdoor Spa Pool - What's Right for You?

Should you choose an outdoor spa pool or an indoor spa pool? It can be a hard decision to know what’s best for you. Here’s what you should consider.

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 While the only real difference between indoor and outdoor spa pools is location, where you place your spa makes a world of difference to how you use, care for, and enjoy your spa pool. Do you want to soak under the stars or escape into a secluded sanctuary? How you answer this will determine whether an outdoor or indoor spa pool is right for you. 

To help you decide what type of NZ spa pool is best for your lifestyle, we'll dive into the pros and cons of each and key considerations to keep in my mind. 

The Benefits of an Indoor Spa Pool


One of the key advantages of an indoor spa pool is the privacy it provides. A spa pool nestled within the privacy of your home offers a tranquil retreat away from prying eyes or outside disturbances.

Year-Round Enjoyment

Indoor spa pools offer a year-round oasis of relaxation and enjoyment, impervious to the changing seasons or harsh weather conditions. Whether scorching hot or freezing cold outside, you can always retreat to the comforting warmth of your spa, ensuring limitless opportunities for unwinding and rejuvenation without any restrictions.

Enhanced Relaxation

While many find peace in the unpredictability of the outdoors, others would rather have a little more control. An indoor spa pool allows you to create a personalised haven dedicated solely to relaxation and rejuvenation. You can personalise the environment according to your preferences, such as adjusting the lighting, playing calming music, or using aroma therapy. The absence of external distractions enhances your spa experience, allowing you to unwind and release the stresses of everyday life.

Considerations for Indoor Spa Pools

Space and Ventilation

Before installing an indoor spa pool, you'll need to assess the available space in your home. Spa pools come in various sizes, so choose one that fits well within your designated area. Also, proper ventilation is crucial to prevent moisture build-up and maintain good air quality. Adequate ventilation systems should be in place to ensure a comfortable and safe indoor spa environment.

Structural Modifications

Your interior space may require structural modifications depending on the location you choose for your indoor spa pool. These modifications could involve reinforcing the floor to support the weight of the spa pool, creating waterproof barriers, or installing drainage systems. We always recommend consulting with professionals to ensure the structural integrity of your home is not compromised during the installation process.

The Benefits of Outdoor Spa Pools

Natural Surroundings

Outdoor spa pools offer a unique experience that allows you to immerse yourself in nature. You can savour the beauty of your surroundings, whether it's a lush garden, scenic landscapes, or a starry night sky. The peaceful ambience created by being outdoors can enhance the relaxation and therapeutic effects of the spa experience.

Flexibility and Versatility

Unlike indoor spa pools, outdoor setups provide a whole new realm of possibilities regarding space and design. You can select from an array of shapes, sizes, and materials to fashion a spa pool that harmonises with your outdoor living space. Outdoor spa pools can seamlessly integrate with surrounding elements like landscaping, decking, or outdoor seating, creating a versatile and aesthetically pleasing sanctuary.

Social Atmosphere

If cherishing the company of loved ones and delighting in lively gatherings is your passion, an outdoor spa pool is an excellent choice. It provides a social atmosphere where you can relax and socialise simultaneously. Whether you're hosting a small gathering or simply enjoying the company of loved ones, an outdoor spa pool can be a focal point for bonding and creating lasting memories.

Considerations for Outdoor Spa Pools

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions play a vital role in crafting the experience of outdoor spas, whether it's the embrace of scorching heat, gusts of strong winds, or the gentle touch of sunlight. Selecting a spa pool with proper insulation and temperature control will ensure year-round comfort.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Outdoor spa pools may require more maintenance and cleaning than their indoor counterparts. Leaves, dirt, and insects are likelier to enter an outdoor setup. Regular maintenance tasks such as water treatment, filter cleaning, and cover maintenance are essential to keep the spa pool in optimal condition.

Find the Perfect Spa with Spa Family

Indoor and outdoor spa pools each have their unique advantages and considerations. The decision ultimately depends on how you envision your ideal spa experience.

If you're considering purchasing a spa pool, check out our range of portable NZ spas online today. The team at Spa Family are here to help match you with your perfect spa. Get in touch today.

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