Frequently Asked Questions


Why are your spa pools so cheap?

Most spa pools in Auckland are sold by retailers who do not actually manufacture spa pools. In addition, they add an extra cost known as ‘retailer markup price’ that is added to your total cost of purchase.

When you buy from Spa Family, you buy directly from our factory that manufactures and sells spa pools. We cut out the middleman so you get our factory-direct price instead of an expensive added mark-up price.

Do your affordable spa pools mean you compromise on quality?

Our competitive and transparent prices do not mean we compromise on quality. All our spa pools are made from quality materials and tend to last for a long time when kept in good condition. Along with having solid outer and inner shells, our spa pools come with triple layer insulation that keeps your energy and running costs low as well.

How much do your spa pools cost to run?

Using our spa pool range (excluding The Big One and the new architecture series) for an hour a day costs around $40-$45 per month. Other similar spa pools in the industry cost up to $90 per month. What’s the difference? Our Davey Smart Spa controllers, super-efficient 2-speed pumps and quality insulation mean our spa pools are well positioned to be one of the most cost-efficient choices on the market.

The Big One and the new architecture series cost around $60-$65 per month.

What do I get when I purchase a Spa Family spa pool?

Your spa pool comes fully equipped with a lockable spa pool lid, power cord, filter, ozone, and 5 year warranty. For more information on our spa pool warranties, click here.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a natural water purifier for spa pools that kills bacteria, moulds and other dirt. Environmentally safe, ozone does not leave any nasty chemicals odours or irritation on the skin.

Do you provide financing options?

All our spa pools have financing options. Give us a bell on 09 275 2144 to find out more about our financing options.

Do you also sell spa pool chemicals and accessories?

We love being your one-stop shop for all your spa pool needs. We sell chemicals and non-chlorinated cleaners, filters, jets, pumps, and replacement parts. Browse the full range of our accessories here.

How noisy are your spa pools?

Our spa pools are the-baby-will-not-wake-up kind of silent. Having quiet motors and pumps means you can turn your Spa Family spa pool on fearlessly at night without disturbing the neighbours.

Do you deliver spa pools NZ wide?

Yes. Even though our factory is based in Auckland, we deliver spa pools to both, North and South Island.